Some skateboard sunglasses

25 November 2014

I don't really know what I am going to do. I had nice sunglasses before but someone broke them. I do not know who it was. I hope that I am going to find some nice skateboard sunglasses. I am a skater now. I used to be a rapper before. I need these glasses because everyone said that the girls would like me more. I hope that they are telling the truth. It's not easy to buy these sunglasses since I don't have a lot of money. My new skater friend told me about those glasses and I hope that he knew what he was talking about.

Nice Wood Sunglasses

20 November 2014

I am going to tell my brother that he needs some nice sunglasses. I hope that he will listen to me. He is a stubborn young guy and he thinks that he knows everything. He is not such a smart guy. I know that I can teach him a lesson and I know that he would definitely do what it takes to sabotage me. That's why I was thinking of buying a present for him. I think that I would be able to force him to wear nice Wood Sunglasses. He would maybe say no in the beginning but he would adapt to wearing them soon.

Book Review of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

17 November 2014

If you haven’t read “7 Habits” yet, it MAY NOT be time to read it now.I have noticed that you can’t or shouldn’t read it until you’re ready. Let me explain that:I read it in 1993 when I was 20. If I had read it when I was 19, I would have gotten nothing out of it. To be honest, when I did read it, it really was an answer to my prayers.There are concepts in this book that are so powerful, that even just reading them (without consciously putting them into action) changed how I live. For example, I continuously found myself comparing what was happening in my life to what I had just read. If someone said an insulting thing to me, my initial feeling would be anger, but on the heels of that thought would come something I’d read in 7 Habits. I’d be thinking, “Hey! That reminds me of when Covey wrote about ___________.” And by the time that thought was gone, so was the negative situation.Thinking became a whole lot of fun!Even the first 3 Habits were enough to get me incredibly excited about interaction with others. You could live 1000 years and not come up with these concepts on your own. The 4th habit was my favorite. It’s called “Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood”. I wish I did this more…now that I’m married! But back then, this helped me to become a very good “Speaker”. I could talk to people and help them not “drown for psychological air” around me. People want to be understood. If you argue your point all the time, no one feels understood and ideas are harder to be put into action. ANY IDIOT CAN ARGUE! The whole world seems to place a huge importance on debate…and being able to destroy other people’s points of view with your logic and wit.But that’s not strength. Like I said: any idiot can argue. Not 1 in 1000 people can REALLY consider another person’s opinion as being the right one. Even fewer can actually stop and say to themselves: “I’m positive that I’m 110% right and that other person is wrong, but who knows? Maybe I am wrong. Let me consider their point and listen to what they need to express.”Now that is real strength.I once shared this concept with an opinionated individual. They started yelling at me and saying I was wrong and that if you know you’re right, you need to stand up for yourself and prove the other person is wrong. With a grin on my face, I replied, “Maybe you’re right”. LOL! They didn’t even pick up on the fact I had just done to them what I was advocating.It’s amazing what happens to people when you state back to them what you think is the point they’re trying to make. You’ll end up starting a lot of your sentences with: “…so, what you’re saying is….”. Once you begin to show the person you’re not there to argue, their backs go down; the urgency in their voice drops; they calm down; and then they listen to your point without fighting. As Covey explains, the best way to influence others is…to be INFLUENCED.It’s such a good book and it’s filled with principles that will help you in all your dealings, but I find you have to be in a position in your life to put it into action. It will work great if you can practice it every day in a setting as:-a family member dealing with difficult situations-a manager -a salesperson…or anyone who needs to deal with people day-to-day. If you feel a strong need to know how to deal with others more effectively, maybe you’re ready for this book now.

Shopping For Cheap Airsoft Guns

17 November 2014

For the interested person who is looking to join the exciting and exhilarating fun of the sport of Airsoft, finding an affordable Airsoft gun is not as complicated as it may seem. Although some of the higher-end guns can be expensive, the average newcomer does not have to spend a small fortune to purchase and enjoy a quality Airsoft gun. Before the interested buyer begins to search for his optimal weapon, an understanding of the different types of guns that are available, and how these guns work can be very helpful.Generally speaking, Airsoft guns fall into three different categories, which are defined by how the guns are designed and operate. The more complicated the inner mechanisms that fire the guns, usually the more expensive they become. The first category we will examine is the Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun or what is commonly referred to as the AEG. These electric guns are arguably the most popular guns among veteran Airsoft players. They have given the sport its greatest appeal and are singularly responsible for its explosive growth around the world. The AEG has an electric motor that is powered by an onboard battery. The motor turns the gears inside the gun, which in turn causes a piston to compress and release. The piston creates a blast of air that propels a 6mm plastic BB through the barrel of the gun. This fully automated system gives these guns the exciting rapid-fire feature that makes them so popular. These guns also tend to be the most expensive of the Airsoft gun family, usually costing around several hundred dollars.The next group of guns to look at is the Gas Powered Airsoft guns. These guns operate by compressed air that fires the BB. The gas is either stored in an onboard cylinder or a gas filled magazine that connects to the gun. Some of the more popular styles are the gas blowback guns or commonly called the GBBs. The compressed air that fires the BB also returns the firing slide to the fire position at the same time. This return action creates a realistic ìrecoilî sensation from which the name blowback is derived. Reputed to be great fun to play with, the high-end GBB model guns can also cost around several hundred dollars. The non-blowback gas guns are less costly and start at around 40 dollars.The last category of guns to look at is the Spring guns, which are also referred to as the ìSpringersî. Commonly tagged the cheap Airsoft gun, these spring guns were the original Airsoft models. In order for the gun to fire, a spring mechanism must be manually cocked back each and every time. Due to their simplistic design, the Springers are the most inexpensive and cost effective Airsoft guns. These guns are recommended as perhaps the best for entry-level players. Most players at some point have owned one of these models, which can be purchased for as little as 20 dollars.In an effort to find a cheap Airsoft gun the shopper must keep in mind the value for the money. Even though one can purchase a gun for around 20 dollars, this does not mean that the gun is cheap in quality. A well made 20 dollar Springer can be a great value for the money, just as a two hundred dollar AEG can be a great value as well. Usually no matter the price, buying a gun from a well-established Airsoft manufacturer is important and worth the investment.

Kelly Bought New Sunglasses

24 September 2014

My best friend Kelly came over to my house a few minutes ago so that she could show me what she had just purchased. Kelly came into my home wearing the cutest pair of skateboard sunglasses that I had ever seen. She told me that she had just bought her sunglasses at one of the local department stores that are in the mall. I think that I might drive over to the mall to buy myself a pair of those cute glasses.

Never Look Directly Into the Sun

19 September 2014

You have probably heard your parents say that you should never look directly into the sun. It is especially important that you are not doing this when there is an eclipse on a rare occasion. However, you may be very interested to see what eclipse or the sun actually looks like. If you want to see it, what should you do? There are actually special glasses that you can use to look at these things. Also, it is a good idea to protect your eyes on a regular basis by wearing wooden sunglasses or another kind of sunglasses that can protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.

Kids Love Skateboard Sunglasses

16 September 2014

Although there are a lot more varieties of skateboard sunglasses for the older kids and adult skaters, there are some great varieties for kids too. Being able to express yourself in a unique was is often the goal of a pair of sunglasses aside from protecting the eyes. More than not people buy sunglasses as a fashion statement and want to look good while keeping the glare of the sun out for safety. Luckily there are a lot of great sunglasses out there to choose from, you’re sure to find one you like.

Check out Bidini\’s

14 September 2014

There is no doubt that you would like to look elegant no matter what. If that is the case, be sure to visit the Blog of Bidini's. If you do that, you will find the best leather handbags that have been created based on the best Italian designs. I can assure you that it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. There are all kinds of bags and accessories on the blog that deserve your attention and you should not hesitate to check them out. When it comes to elegance, indulgence and luxury, you can't go wrong with Bidini's. Check it out at

I Look Better than Ever in My New Sunglasses

11 September 2014

Hey, I bought something that makes me look amazing! I feel like I am a star now. I am so excited about the look and style of my new wood sunglasses! Everyone tells me that I look ten years younger wearing them. I thrilled about that. I wore them to the game last week, and my husband told me that he has never seen me look better. I told my best friend that she needed to order a pair too.

Perfect on all counts.

11 September 2014

I ordered this watch after having problems in recent months with a rash that I was getting from any metal-banded watches that I wore. I wanted something ceramic or resin and found this one. I figured that the color would go with anything, so I ordered it. When it arrived, it was even prettier than I’d hoped, and more neutral-colored even than the photo showed. On my MacBook screen it had a slightly pinkish hue–in reality it was more of a marbled beige-ish color with yellow gold clasp and trim on the face. The mother-of-pearl face is so nice…and it has glow-in-the-dark hands that will make it perfect at night. I love the chronograph-look and this watch makes it look elegant as well as functional.Something else I found really nice was that when it arrived, it had been set to my time zone, the day, month and day of the week had already been set perfectly. I didn’t have to fool around with anything (well, it was about 3 minutes behind the time on my clock, but who’s counting? *smile* Easy fix.) and all I had to do was to take out 3 links for it to fit my wrist. The seller was fantastic (Certified Watch Store on Amazon).If there was a complaint at all, it would be to UPS, who, although they got it here really fast, allowed the outer packaging to be squashed somewhat. Fortunately the watch itself was packaged safely inside its own hard-sided watch-box, and was unharmed. (UPS and I have this love-hate relationship. I LOVE the speed at which I get things but HATE that the boxes are usually absolutely filthy with dust/dirt and often rather squashed or torn. Fortunately, rarely is anything damaged inside the boxes.)I would definitely recommend this watch. It’s a little on the large side as far as the watch face, but the band isn’t too huge and that big face makes it easy to tell the time without having to work at defining where the hands are. It is feminine, elegant and would go with either something fairly dressy or downright casual. I really love it.