Kelly Bought New Sunglasses

24 September 2014

My best friend Kelly came over to my house a few minutes ago so that she could show me what she had just purchased. Kelly came into my home wearing the cutest pair of skateboard sunglasses that I had ever seen. She told me that she had just bought her sunglasses at one of the local department stores that are in the mall. I think that I might drive over to the mall to buy myself a pair of those cute glasses.

Never Look Directly Into the Sun

19 September 2014

You have probably heard your parents say that you should never look directly into the sun. It is especially important that you are not doing this when there is an eclipse on a rare occasion. However, you may be very interested to see what eclipse or the sun actually looks like. If you want to see it, what should you do? There are actually special glasses that you can use to look at these things. Also, it is a good idea to protect your eyes on a regular basis by wearing wooden sunglasses or another kind of sunglasses that can protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.

Kids Love Skateboard Sunglasses

16 September 2014

Although there are a lot more varieties of skateboard sunglasses for the older kids and adult skaters, there are some great varieties for kids too. Being able to express yourself in a unique was is often the goal of a pair of sunglasses aside from protecting the eyes. More than not people buy sunglasses as a fashion statement and want to look good while keeping the glare of the sun out for safety. Luckily there are a lot of great sunglasses out there to choose from, you’re sure to find one you like.

Check out Bidini\’s

14 September 2014

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I Look Better than Ever in My New Sunglasses

11 September 2014

Hey, I bought something that makes me look amazing! I feel like I am a star now. I am so excited about the look and style of my new wood sunglasses! Everyone tells me that I look ten years younger wearing them. I thrilled about that. I wore them to the game last week, and my husband told me that he has never seen me look better. I told my best friend that she needed to order a pair too.

Perfect on all counts.

11 September 2014

I ordered this watch after having problems in recent months with a rash that I was getting from any metal-banded watches that I wore. I wanted something ceramic or resin and found this one. I figured that the color would go with anything, so I ordered it. When it arrived, it was even prettier than I’d hoped, and more neutral-colored even than the photo showed. On my MacBook screen it had a slightly pinkish hue–in reality it was more of a marbled beige-ish color with yellow gold clasp and trim on the face. The mother-of-pearl face is so nice…and it has glow-in-the-dark hands that will make it perfect at night. I love the chronograph-look and this watch makes it look elegant as well as functional.Something else I found really nice was that when it arrived, it had been set to my time zone, the day, month and day of the week had already been set perfectly. I didn’t have to fool around with anything (well, it was about 3 minutes behind the time on my clock, but who’s counting? *smile* Easy fix.) and all I had to do was to take out 3 links for it to fit my wrist. The seller was fantastic (Certified Watch Store on Amazon).If there was a complaint at all, it would be to UPS, who, although they got it here really fast, allowed the outer packaging to be squashed somewhat. Fortunately the watch itself was packaged safely inside its own hard-sided watch-box, and was unharmed. (UPS and I have this love-hate relationship. I LOVE the speed at which I get things but HATE that the boxes are usually absolutely filthy with dust/dirt and often rather squashed or torn. Fortunately, rarely is anything damaged inside the boxes.)I would definitely recommend this watch. It’s a little on the large side as far as the watch face, but the band isn’t too huge and that big face makes it easy to tell the time without having to work at defining where the hands are. It is feminine, elegant and would go with either something fairly dressy or downright casual. I really love it.

Great shoes

08 September 2014

I was looking for a good pair of running shoes and these were on sale at a local store for $39.99 so I tried them on, liked them and brought them home.I did not give it too much thought as my husband was asking me to make a decision (after 1+ hrs looking) so I liked them and they were the last ones I tried on. With that being said, lets start my review:Color: I really liked the charcoal/black/magenta ones, they are really nice and not too in your faceSize: I usually wear a 8.5 but my toe was already touching the end so I got a 9 insteadWidth: I felt the 8.5 was a bit tight as well, so getting the 9 helped with thatHeel: When I tried them on in the store, I wore thicker socks, when I tried them at home I wore the small, thin socks. My heels kept slipping and it felt as if the shoes was going to come out, so every step I took my heel was moving up and down. Maybe the 0.5 bigger did made a difference after all.Arch: shoes have some arch support, which might be great for some but unfortunately for me I have a low arch and after walking around the house to see how they felt, I realized they were not for me. This is for someone with a higher arch probablySole: multi surface sole, it looks like trail running would be no problem. It is a hard sole though, if you are used to softer soles, you might not like this one.I gave it 4 stars because regardless of the fact that these are not for me because of my arch, that is not a shoe related issue but more of a “me” thing. The sole being so hard is what made me give this shoe a four star review.

Love the shoe with one caveat

08 September 2014

I’m normally and runner and could speak confidently about the different running shoe features. Court shoes? Not so much. I’m a beginner in the tennis world. I took a tennis class in college (many, many years ago) and played from time to time since but never really bothered with a real tennis shoe. But, I’m taking tennis lessons this summer and court shoes were a requirement. I chose this shoe because I’ve run in the ASICS Gel Resolution running shoes for years and love them – plus the reviews were excellent. After a few weeks of wearing this shoe I can say that I like them quite well. The fit was spot on for me (8.5). My feet feel supported with no sliding around inside the shoe. They really grip the court yet feel light and responsive. The only problem I’ve found is that the toe bed comes to an odd angled point that’s too small for your toes so you’ve got this strange extra bit of empty shoe at the toe. It looks a little odd to me and I’ve caught the toe a couple of times when doing some fast foot work drills. As I’ve said, I’m a newbie. It could be that court shoes are built this way and it’s very likely that catching the toe in foot work drills is due to my own clumsiness and inexperience The “weird point”, as I refer to it to when talking to my husband, wasn’t enough for me to drop the rating down to a 4 stars, but it was a very close call.

My dog\’s health

06 September 2014

There is something wrong with my dog and I will have to take it to the vet sooner or later. I just hope that everything will go well and that things can't get worse than this. Additionally, I have been doing a little research online and I think that I should start visiting a dog parlour and learn how to groom my dog. There is this parlour that can teach me that, as well as sell me the best dog food online. That's right, I just have to visit the parlour's official website and I can place my order for quality natural dog food instantly.

My father

06 September 2014

My father was old but he wanted to look like a young guy. I realized that he embraced many things that modern people embrace. He became a vegetarian and he started dressing like a young guy. I told him that he should also buy some nice eco sunglasses. He said that this was not a good idea. Well, since I know how stubborn my father is, I decided to buy them without even telling him. I didn't know if he was going to like him but he did in the end and I was happy since I paid a lot for them. It was a good decision.