The down low

20 August 2014

I NEVER leave reviews because I’ve never had issues with products or feel the need to make something known… In this case where all the reviews are slightly conflicting I feel like I should.I normally wear a size 9.5 in athletic shoes AND heels. A size 10 is usually too big, and a size 9 is too small. I have medium width feet… probably closer on the width spectrum to a wide foot rather than narrow. In this case I bought a 10. My toes don’t overhang and actually have about 3/4 of space between the tip to my toe. I’m sure a 9.5 would have been perfect if it existed.I was unsure when buying these shoes because this company seems to create a lot of other heels with very off shoe sizing, and even though this one seemed to have the best reviews with some people saying the size fit as expected, I was still wary. My heels arrived today and I quickly opened the box (which was in fine condition) and pulled them out. As soon as I put them on I noticed the tight and narrow front, but after you wiggle into them the vinyl gives a bit. After about 10 minutes of wearing them I noticed my baby toes feeling like the life was being sucked out of them. It’s vinyl… what can you expect! But here’s the tip no one seems to share… you can stretch out vinyl to actually being comfortable. Just grab your hairdryer and blow warm air on the tight strap for a few seconds until its soft and quickly place your foot in them. Keep them on for a minimum of 20mins while standing in them (so your weight is all in the ball of your foot keeping the vinyl stretched). Presto! Perfect competition shoes that are as comfortable as you’re ever going to get!

What is the Safe Way to Use Virus Contact Lenses?

20 August 2014

Virus contact lenses, like any other lens can make your eyes susceptible to various kinds of potential threats. Eye infection, irritation and even blindness can result from a careless handling of any contact lens. If you are in the habit of wearing circle lenses you need to be in the know of the following points: 


•    Never keep wearing it for more than 6 hours at a stretch

•    Always handle the lenses with clean, germ free and disinfected hands

•    Always store the lens in a proper lens case with solution when not in use

 If you keep these in mind, you can safely use circle lenses to augment your appearance!  

Love! Great fit! No nasty sweat marks!

19 August 2014

I don’t have a perfect butt & thighs so yoga pant shopping is usually a pretty depressing experience (try on 10 pair & only 2 end up fitting well). So I didn’t have high expectations when ordering these pants on Amazon without being able to try them on – but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I am buying another pair! For starters, you cannot beat the price for a well-made pair of flattering pants. Yes, secondly, they actually have a flattering fit! My butt & thighs look pretty good in these. I am 5’10″, about 145 lbs, & often times pant lengths are very tricky for me as most, it seems, are made for shorter women, which I can understand because the average woman in the US is about a half-foot shorter than I am. I know a lot of shorter women usually wish they were taller but trust me, it is way more difficult to find pants when you are tall. That said, many pants are too short for me & when a capri is too short, it’s even worse than a standard pant because it cuts into your knee at an awkward & uncomfortable spot, especially if you are moving a lot in them during workouts. These pants don’t do that. They are comfy & hit me at a flattering part of the leg. Magically, I think they would also do the same for a shorter woman. They are not too heavy (they breathe) & they are also not so lightweight that they are see-through (I hate transparent pants); they are just right. Also, let’s face it, no woman wants undue attention to her crotch & butt areas when she is working up a good sweat & you can see the sweat through the pant. I work out at the gym, in public, with confidence that I will have no embarrassing sweat marks with these!! These are definitely going to be a staple in my workout wardrobe.

A beautiful set that is durable and sleek

19 August 2014

Firstly, the box this set came in was so small that I was amazed that everything fit inside it. However it was easy enough to remove from the packaging, plus was in great condition. The only thing that needed put together was the coffee table. It took no time at all.This set seems to be very durable. So far two people have sat together frequently on the love seat and it has stood up very well to a 30lb dog jumping up and down from it also. The coffee table is sturdy and does not wobble at all. The ottomans are sturdy too, although the cushions don’t strap down so you can push them off with your foot if you’re not watching.I like the color of the set. I am glad that the framework is black metal rather than white because I’ve had white before and it gets dirty very quickly. Also the black is glossy which makes the set look so sleek and beautiful. The color of the cushions is a charcoal grey which compliments the black very well. The throw pillows are a nice white and grey striped pattern. They look great.As far as comfort goes this set is exactly what you’d expect from a patio furniture set. It’s not overly soft and cushy as a sofa would be but it is pleasant to sit on all the same. It is the right balance between comfort and durability. I have this set in my covered screened-in porch so it doesn’t get rained on, however sometimes a light sprinkle can be pushed in through the screens. I do not worry when this happens because the material does not seem to absorb any wetness. Obviously that it not to say you should put it outside in the rain, but it is nice to know that a little bit of a sprinkle won’t completely ruin it.Overall I love this set and am very pleased. At first I thought the muted colors would look a bit drab but they don’t at all. In fact, something overly bright or floral such as many patio furniture sets are wouldn’t look as sophisticated as this set does. It looks wonderful as the focal point of my screened-in porch.

Are You Wearing the Right blackout full eye contacts?

19 August 2014

If you want to change or modify the color and hue of your eyes then it is best to check out as many designs, brands and genres of blackout full eye contacts before buying a pair for yourself. Different styles of these colored lenses will give your eyes a different look.If you want to change the color of your eyes completely you may go for colored contacts that are opaque. Otherwise, if you only want to modify the color then you can choose a pair of enhancement colored lens. This type makes your eyes sparkle or give them a different reflection. 

western bling belt that I now consider

19 August 2014

western bling belt is the kind of fashion that I never really considered before but now, I am really paying attention to this set of fashion accessories. I am seeing more and more of them, and I think it might only be a matter of time before the western bling belt hits it wide in all the retail stores. I could already see this as the next new trend in fashion accessories. Maybe before everyone else gets their hands on these items, I might as well get some for myself so I can technically set the trend. Western bling belt is a hot new item and it would not be long before it becomes widely popular in the fashion accessories collections.

Looking For Wood Sunglasses

18 August 2014

I have seen several people lately wearing wood sunglasses, and I really like the way they look. I would love to be able to buy a pair for myself and wear them when the weather is sunny. I think they really complete an outfit interesting way, and I would like to be able to add a pair to my wardrobe. The only problem with that plan is that I have looked in every single store within a 50 mile radius of my house that sells sunglasses, and none of being even know what I’m talking about let alone carry them.

Feel the benefits

17 August 2014

If you are a person who is already more than 40 years old, there is a good chance that you don't have enough nitric oxide in your body. If that is the case, the best thing you can do is order Nitroxyl and feel the benefits right away. Thanks to this product, you can rest assured that you will never suffer from serious diseases in the future, like cancer, osteoporosis and heart attacks. There is more information to be found about it on Amazon, so take my advice, check out the facts and the feedback about Nitroxyl, and feel free to place your order for it.

Divind Mercy 10″ Statue Figurine

16 August 2014

First off this statue looks amazing excellent craftmanship and I’m pretty sure it wont break easily.

This statue is so realistic! I understand it was modelled after an actual wooden sculpture. It does look like a very well sculpted and painted scaled down wooden replica, but it’s actually plastic. Very good quality materials.

I spent literally weeks searching for a divine mercy statue both in stores and on-line that would fit on my mothers mantle without being to bulky or heavy for my mother and something that she wouldn’t have to fuse over being and feeling to fragile (although she still handles it with great care none the less). There are lots of options for Our Lord Jesus Statues out there and some were either too expensive or too heavy for my mother to move.

It was actually lighter than i though it would be but I love it non the less. The only bad thing is that if your looking for something to put up as a center piece among other statues i would look into a bigger version of this but as for me the height was perfect and fit in perfectly on my mothers mantel.

Finally I have to say that it is a a great product for the price and I am sure that whoever you are buying it for will be extremely pleased with it.  I would actually buy one for my aunt but I think my mother would give me one of those looks, you know the look I mean!  the look only a mother gives a Son.  Bless her, I am so happy she is pleased with it.

Sunglasses for everyone

16 August 2014

Last weekend I was out with my friends and we started talking about sunglasses. We all agreed that it's really hard to find a nice pair of quality sunglasses these days. I told my friends about a company named Proof Eyewear, since I knew they really had products of high quality. I told my friends about the huge variety of sunglasses Proof Eyewear offers, about their wooden, and eco sunglasses. My friends were especially amazed by the one of a kind handcrafted frames. The next day, I took them to the Proof Eyewear store and they all found a perfect pair of sunglasses for themselves.