romance ebooks create magic

22 August 2014

romance ebooks always manage to create some magic and romantic aura in the air whenever you read them. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or not, romance ebooks will uplift your spirit and tap in your romantic side. With lots of love stories and characters deeply in love with each other, only a person with a heart that is made in stone will not be moved by the romanticsm of romance ebooks. Everyone who has gotten to read romance ebooks can vouch that the stories have romantically inspired them, give them hope and renew their faith in love, romance and relationships.

quality toaster oven

21 August 2014

I bought this at this kitchen web store. This is my second quality Black & Decker toaster oven in the past eight years, and I really couldn’t be more satisfied. I’ve only replaced the first one because it did get a little dirty over time. Ours is next to the stove, so it got some splatters on it. Not a fault of the toaster oven.Does it work well? Yes. Toasts four pieces of toast quickly. Its a toaster and it does its job. As an oven is where it really comes in handy. If you have kids, its a great, quick way to heat up chicken nuggets or whatever. Excellent for leftovers. You can stick two slices of pizza in there and heat them up quickly. There is a crumb tray in the bottom that is easy to pull out and clean.Before you buy this toaster oven though, what I would alert you to is that its on the larger side. Takes up more space on the counter than some other units you might find. Check out the measurements and make sure it will work for you. The width and height are more the issue than the depth.My only small complaint with this toaster oven is the plug. It uses one of those large three prongs, so it is kind of a big plug that sticks out of the wall quite a bit. I think it would have been better for B&D to attach a right angle plug on the end just for appearances sake.

Very good quality blouse

21 August 2014

I’d ordered several itsems from Allegra-K – some were just fine, some were, quite frankly awful but, astonishingly, this one is great! It’s classy and stylish and well-made. The hemline is well-done (which is not the case with other Allerga-K items), including a nice decorative hem at the back. It’s surely far from the quality of, say Talbots or Ann Taylor, but it’s about 10 times cheaper, so this is to be expected. The colour is just as shown (I ordered the light beige one). Overall, I could not belive it that this blouse and the 3-4 other items I’d ordered were from the same company – this one is much better quality. The only thing I am not crazy about this blouse the sleeve length – they seem a bit short for my taste (I prefer them to the first thumb knuckle and these just reach my wrists). The blouse itself is a nice length – much below the waist, so I’ve no idea why the sleeves aren’t longer. But, overall, I like it so much that I’m ordering it in black, as well.So, if you’re wondering whether to order this blouse, I’d highly recommend it. I would not recommend, however, ordering from Allegra-K in general (i.e. items with no reviews) as there seems to be a great variation in the quality of their products, so you really don’t know what to expect.One thing to consider if you decide to buy it: I wear the US size XS/S (158 cm/56 kg or 5’2” /123 lb) and this blouse fits perfectly.And one more thing: you should not expect any care tags or textile content – this is something Allegra-K never cares to add.

Great for redness

21 August 2014

Judging from diaper rash cream reviews it is clear the same thing does not work for everyone. We have a two month old who is exclusively breastfed and wears mostly cloth diapers (Fuzzybuns and Bumgenius). We’ve been able to avoid any serious rashes but have had some occasional redness which we have addressed successfully using three products:First, we have used the Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Bottom Balm, 2-Ounce Jar along with organic coconut oil as a preventative/maintenance cream for when the bottom is not red or there is only a slight pinkness since the Bottom Balm will not clear up the more serious redness in our experience. For the handful of times our baby has gotten a more serious redness we have switched temporarily to Wedela and/or Burt’s Bees (see below). However, for most diaper changes we only use the Bottom Balm, which is a wonderful product that is safe for cloth diapers and leaves the bottom silky soft and 90% of the time it is enough to keep our baby’s bottom redness-free and soft. It is not a thick white cream but more like a jar of oily lip balm. The jar is small but you only need a very small amount as the balm spreads very easily. It smells a little “herby” but not in a bad way (in my opinion) and you don’t smell it once the diaper is on anyway.However, for more pronounced redness we have successfully used the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, 3 Ounce as well as the Weleda Baby Calendula Diaper Care Cream. Both these creams have cleared up redness in only a few applications, often only in one application. These creams are more akin to the traditional thick white (wetness-barrier) diaper creams most of us grew up with. Both the Weleda cream and the Burt’s Bees cream have worked quickly and effectively on redness but I understand they are not safe to use with cloth diapers (they will stain them and/or affect absorbancy) so to avoid ruining our cloth diapers we switch to a disposable diaper if we need to clear up redness. (Chlorine-free diaper brands such as Seventh Generation, Earth’s Best, and Whole Foods 365 are some brands we have tried and like). Because of the thickness and incompatibility with cloth diapers we only use the thicker creams as needed. We also still use a disposable diaper for the overnight stretch and using a wetness-barrier cream overnight has prevented wetness rashes. Out of the two I find that the Burt’s Bees cream works slightly faster than the Weleda cream, although there is not a big difference.These three products have been essential in keeping our baby smooth, rash-free, and comfortable!

Performed well, a couple of minor criticisms

21 August 2014

I purchased this for use by my family of 4. We have two young scouts in the family and my wife and I are active in their Pack as well so having a comfortable well sorted out tent was a must for us. So far we’ve taken this tent out in the following weather conditions: Hot, wet, raining buckets, windy, cool and cold/windy weather. It has performed very well in all of these conditions and I have no doubt that it will continue to do so for several years to come.Some of the observations I’ve made having taken it into the field several times are:1. Use a quality ground tarp. The tent bottom seems like it could get beat up quickly without a tarp beneath it. Spend the extra bucks and get the HD tarp.2. Once you put the tarp down, completely unroll and spread the tent out, stake down the 4 loops at the ends of the tent. Doing this will make putting the rest of the tent up VERY easy. So much so that you should be able to put the tent up solo (minus the rain fly) with no trouble after you use it a couple of times.3. You have to do the grey poles first. If you start with the orange poles it’s a hassle to put the tent up.4. The tent tends to be hot and stuffy inside with the fly on and minimal breeze. We used it recently in a heavily shaded camp site with the temps in the low 80′s and it was uncomfortably hot inside the tent until well after night fall.5. Had a little water seepage near the door in a heavy rain storm. It was at the seam where the tent wall met the floor. I think it was an issue with the design of the rain fly. It allowed water to run down and collect right at that seam. If the door overhang was a little bigger or possibly designed a little differently to channel water away from the door (duh) this wouldn’t be an issue. It was exacerbated by the fact that wind was blowing at the door side of the tent which cause that wall to push in a bit and create a bigger area for water to pool. It should be classified as an annoyance rather than a serious design flaw.6. You can’t close off all of the mesh “windows”. There’s a window on the door and on the opposite back wall of the tent that can be closed off. There are mesh panels at the end walls that are completely covered by the rain fly to protect against the weather and privacy but you can’t zip up a solid panel to make the tent wind proof and warmer in cold/rainy/windy conditions.7. Stake it down good. Coleman gives you lots of pegs. Use them! Every ground loop and guy-out line should be utilized since this tent is so big and susceptible to the influence of the wind.Overall, my family and I really like this tent. It’s got plenty of room to settle in and have ample space to get/keep your gear organized, not be bumping into each other with multiple people in it and not go bananas if you have to hunker down in foul weather. I don’t think I would recommend putting more than 2 adults and 3 small kids in it.Hope this helps!

Choose your favorite cufflinks

21 August 2014

If you have never bought cufflinks before, I want to tell you that you can do that online and with just a few clicks. So, in case you are really interested, you should just go to the website of Cufflink Aficionado and you will find the best cufflinks of all time. To make things better, they come in various types, so you can choose the type that would suit you the most. I know that some of my friends have recently purchased engravable cufflinks and they are really happy with them. So, go to the official website of this amazing store and take your pick.

The down low

20 August 2014

I NEVER leave reviews because I’ve never had issues with products or feel the need to make something known… In this case where all the reviews are slightly conflicting I feel like I should.I normally wear a size 9.5 in athletic shoes AND heels. A size 10 is usually too big, and a size 9 is too small. I have medium width feet… probably closer on the width spectrum to a wide foot rather than narrow. In this case I bought a 10. My toes don’t overhang and actually have about 3/4 of space between the tip to my toe. I’m sure a 9.5 would have been perfect if it existed.I was unsure when buying these shoes because this company seems to create a lot of other heels with very off shoe sizing, and even though this one seemed to have the best reviews with some people saying the size fit as expected, I was still wary. My heels arrived today and I quickly opened the box (which was in fine condition) and pulled them out. As soon as I put them on I noticed the tight and narrow front, but after you wiggle into them the vinyl gives a bit. After about 10 minutes of wearing them I noticed my baby toes feeling like the life was being sucked out of them. It’s vinyl… what can you expect! But here’s the tip no one seems to share… you can stretch out vinyl to actually being comfortable. Just grab your hairdryer and blow warm air on the tight strap for a few seconds until its soft and quickly place your foot in them. Keep them on for a minimum of 20mins while standing in them (so your weight is all in the ball of your foot keeping the vinyl stretched). Presto! Perfect competition shoes that are as comfortable as you’re ever going to get!

What is the Safe Way to Use Virus Contact Lenses?

20 August 2014

Virus contact lenses, like any other lens can make your eyes susceptible to various kinds of potential threats. Eye infection, irritation and even blindness can result from a careless handling of any contact lens. If you are in the habit of wearing circle lenses you need to be in the know of the following points: 


•    Never keep wearing it for more than 6 hours at a stretch

•    Always handle the lenses with clean, germ free and disinfected hands

•    Always store the lens in a proper lens case with solution when not in use

 If you keep these in mind, you can safely use circle lenses to augment your appearance!  

Love! Great fit! No nasty sweat marks!

19 August 2014

I don’t have a perfect butt & thighs so yoga pant shopping is usually a pretty depressing experience (try on 10 pair & only 2 end up fitting well). So I didn’t have high expectations when ordering these pants on Amazon without being able to try them on – but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I am buying another pair! For starters, you cannot beat the price for a well-made pair of flattering pants. Yes, secondly, they actually have a flattering fit! My butt & thighs look pretty good in these. I am 5’10″, about 145 lbs, & often times pant lengths are very tricky for me as most, it seems, are made for shorter women, which I can understand because the average woman in the US is about a half-foot shorter than I am. I know a lot of shorter women usually wish they were taller but trust me, it is way more difficult to find pants when you are tall. That said, many pants are too short for me & when a capri is too short, it’s even worse than a standard pant because it cuts into your knee at an awkward & uncomfortable spot, especially if you are moving a lot in them during workouts. These pants don’t do that. They are comfy & hit me at a flattering part of the leg. Magically, I think they would also do the same for a shorter woman. They are not too heavy (they breathe) & they are also not so lightweight that they are see-through (I hate transparent pants); they are just right. Also, let’s face it, no woman wants undue attention to her crotch & butt areas when she is working up a good sweat & you can see the sweat through the pant. I work out at the gym, in public, with confidence that I will have no embarrassing sweat marks with these!! These are definitely going to be a staple in my workout wardrobe.

A beautiful set that is durable and sleek

19 August 2014

Firstly, the box this set came in was so small that I was amazed that everything fit inside it. However it was easy enough to remove from the packaging, plus was in great condition. The only thing that needed put together was the coffee table. It took no time at all.This set seems to be very durable. So far two people have sat together frequently on the love seat and it has stood up very well to a 30lb dog jumping up and down from it also. The coffee table is sturdy and does not wobble at all. The ottomans are sturdy too, although the cushions don’t strap down so you can push them off with your foot if you’re not watching.I like the color of the set. I am glad that the framework is black metal rather than white because I’ve had white before and it gets dirty very quickly. Also the black is glossy which makes the set look so sleek and beautiful. The color of the cushions is a charcoal grey which compliments the black very well. The throw pillows are a nice white and grey striped pattern. They look great.As far as comfort goes this set is exactly what you’d expect from a patio furniture set. It’s not overly soft and cushy as a sofa would be but it is pleasant to sit on all the same. It is the right balance between comfort and durability. I have this set in my covered screened-in porch so it doesn’t get rained on, however sometimes a light sprinkle can be pushed in through the screens. I do not worry when this happens because the material does not seem to absorb any wetness. Obviously that it not to say you should put it outside in the rain, but it is nice to know that a little bit of a sprinkle won’t completely ruin it.Overall I love this set and am very pleased. At first I thought the muted colors would look a bit drab but they don’t at all. In fact, something overly bright or floral such as many patio furniture sets are wouldn’t look as sophisticated as this set does. It looks wonderful as the focal point of my screened-in porch.